Sunday, April 13, 2014

YOU Are Enough!

You ARE your true heart's desires, your dreams, your passions. You are beautifully infinite. No matter how down you may feel, remember YOU are more than enough! You are loved beyond measure by God and the Angels. All of the creativity, innovation, and beauty that you want to see in the world or in your own life already resides in you. All you really have to do is BELIEVE. Never settle. You were put on this Earth to live your heart's desires, so that you can change the world. You see, by living your passions you are inspiring others to live theirs. You are showing others what is truly possible. When you are living in YOUR devine bliss, that energy tranfers and transcends throughout the world. Remember that you are loved, revered, and deserve that absolute best that life has to offer. Live life bootyliciously! Much Love, Balerie

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