Tuesday, May 20, 2014

What You're Made Of

YOU are made of pure light, beauty, bliss, & magnificence. YOU are the essence of greatness. YOU were put here on this planet to be fruitful, blissful, & abundant in all ways. YOUR dreams are the Angels whispering YOUR life's divine purpose into your ear. So please, follow your dreams. YOU were meant to!

Know this in every single moment. Even when you feel like nothing is going right, know that this is just
the things that no longer serve YOUR deepest & highest good, falling away, so that YOU can achieve
YOUR life's mission. Every negative experience that is happening in your life experience is God & the
Angels showing YOU what you're made of. How are you going to thrive from this experience? What will
you take away from this experience? How will you react to this experience? Show us what you're truly
made of dear one. YOU were meant to triumph. YOU are a piece of God. So show us what YOU're
made of baby<3

Remember To Live Your Life Bootyliciously!

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